Loss of a loved one

3 Ways to Tell Your Loved One’s Story

3 Ways to Tell Your Loved One’s Story

3 Ways to Tell Your Loved One’s Story

A life well lived will inevitably leave behind a legacy. But how do you ensure that your loved one’s memory is tangibly preserved for generations? The benefit of memorializing a relative is self-evident: for many centuries, human beings have been using memorial services and monuments to pay tribute to those who have passed on. The art of memorializing is a beautiful, meaningful thing—and no two families will do it in the same way.

If you are in the Grand Rapids area and have recently said goodbye to a loved one unexpectedly, or you in the process of making end-of-life arrangements, you are likely dealing with a lot of complicated emotions. However, after 125 years serving West Michigan families during times of crisis and loss, our family at Black Monument has found that three common memorialization strategies are particularly effective at helping ease grief and help everyone find closure.

Designing the Monument

We encourage each member of the family to get involved, from the early stages of selecting and designing the memorial to visiting the cemetery to pay respects once it has been erected. No matter what time of year it is, we can assist you with choosing a sophisticated and sentimental memorial that tells your loved one’s story boldly and authentically.

Visiting the Cemetery

Psychological studies reveal that visiting cemeteries provides individuals with peace of mind during the bereavement process. We know this because we’ve seen it time and time again among the families in our community who we have come to know intimately during some of the hardest times in their lives. Cemeteries, despite their spooky reputation, can be a place of tremendous peace to those who are left behind after a loss.

Sharing Memories

As time goes on, funeral traditions inevitably change, with modern-day families tending towards optimistic and joyful celebrations of the departed person’s life rather than somber services. Nevertheless, one thing remains consistent. Families appreciate being able to gather and share treasured memories—whether they’re funny, sweet, sad, or a combination of all three.

No single piece of literature or well-meaning adage can fully prepare you for a life-changing loss. Fortunately, after many years of faithful service in the Grand Rapids community, Black Monument has developed a significant understanding of and appreciation for the nuances of the grieving process.

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