How Do I Pre-Arrange My Cemetary Memorial?

How Do I Pre-Arrange My Cemetary Memorial?

How Do I Pre-Arrange My Cemetary Memorial?

If you are pre-planning your funeral, you won’t want to skip the step of buying a cemetery memorial. Cemetery memorials come in all different sizes, shapes, colors, and designs so you can capture your life story in stone.

In this blog post, the cemetery memorial experts at Black Monument will walk you through the steps of pre-arranging your memorial. A custom headstone, grave marker, or monument is an important item to check off your pre-need funeral planning checklist.

Buy a Cemetery Plot

Since cemeteries have a lot of rules regarding memorials, we recommend choosing a cemetery before you buy a memorial. Many of our clients choose to be buried in the same cemeteries as their relatives. However, if you wish to have a specific type of memorial like a monument or upright headstone, you’ll need to make sure it’s allowed by the cemetery. For example, some cemeteries only allow bronze grave markers that are level with the ground.

Shop around to find a cemetery that allows the type of memorial you want. Also, keep in mind that cemeteries contain different sections, which may have different regulations.

Schedule a Consultation

We recommend scheduling a consultation with a reputable cemetery memorial company. A headstone dealer will be knowledgeable about the different memorial types, styles, shapes, colors, and more. They can also help you look through designs that complement your personality and the story you want to tell.

Decide on a Color and Material

One of the most popular materials for headstones is granite. Granite comes in a wide range of colors, which include red, black, green, and blue. However, if you have your heart set on a specific color, you’ll want to first make sure that it’s allowed by the cemetery. A granite headstone dealer can check with your cemetery to see what colors, styles, and materials are allowed.

Choose a Meaningful Design

Your cemetery memorial will be your family’s link to the past and a way for them to honor your memory. For this reason, we recommend choosing a design that is meaningful to you. The families we work with often choose designs that recognize hobbies, education, military service, and religious beliefs. Many of the designs we create also incorporate flowers, plants, hearts, crosses, and portraits of the deceased.

Let Your Family Know You’ve Pre-Arranged a Memorial

After you have chosen the style, size, color, and design you want for your memorial, you’ll want to let your family know what you’ve done. Having a memorial prepared before your death is not only practical, but it gives your family one less thing to worry about. Purchasing a memorial ahead of time also relieves some of the financial burden on your family after you pass away.Black Monument is a Grand Rapids gravestone company dedicated to helping you pre-plan memorial arrangements in a calm caring environment. If you are interested in buying a pre-need headstone, give us a call to set up a consultation with one of our knowledgeable staff at (616) 452-7802.

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