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How to Choose a Headstone While Grieving

How to Choose a Headstone While Grieving

How to Choose a Headstone While Grieving

It’s difficult thinking what a loved one would want for their headstone in the middle of grieving. Fortunately, our team is ready to help you find the perfect cemetery headstone to honor your loved one’s memory. Continue reading to learn how to choose an upright headstone fit enough to carry a legacy.

Get the Family Involved

Each family member and friend has their own special memories of the deceased. That’s why it may help to bring in another person’s opinion for what cemetery headstone would be best. For example, you may inscribe the decedent’s favorite Bible verse on their headstone if their faith was important to them.

It’s important that you don’t shut out loved ones in the middle of your grief. Now is the time when you need your support system the most. It’s always best if you don’t have to make funeral and memorial arrangements alone. That way, you have the emotional support you need to make good decisions.

Recognize Accomplishments

When someone you love passes away, it helps to think back on their life and draw attention to their accomplishments. For example, being a loving father or a member of the military are notable accomplishments. Remembering your loved one in a positive light not only honors the decedent’s memory, but helps you move past grief in a healthy way.

Take Your Time

Don’t feel like you have to rush when browsing our headstones for sale. Our team wants to make sure you create a headstone that honors your loved one’s memory. Cemetery headstones last for generations, which is why you should take your time thinking about what will be most meaningful.

Follow Cemetery Regulations

Ask what regulations the cemetery has in place for memorials. For example, certain cemeteries only accept flat grave markers because of their easy maintenance. It’s important to remember that your cemetery has a set aesthetic they’re always trying to uphold. Before buying an upright headstone, make sure that the design conforms to the cemetery’s regulations. Otherwise, you may waste money on a cemetery headstone you can’t use.

Be Concise

Epitaphs are messages engraved on upright headstones. If you’re having trouble coming up with a headstone, remember that less is more. The fewer words you engrave on a tombstone, the more impact each word will have. For example, “loving husband and father” has more of an impact than “a man who loved his wife and children.” Short epitaphs are also easier to fit on headstones for graves, with room for engravings, photos, or other customizations.

Add Meaning

A headstone is as much for surviving loved ones as it is for the decedent. After all, it’ll be you and your family who will be visiting the grave year after year to seek solace or place flowers. The headstone designs should be meaningful and act as a way to tell the decedent’s life story. Death has a way of letting the little things fall to the wayside until only the most important things remain. Use the important memories to tell your loved one’s story.

Have questions about our cemetery monument services? Call our office in Grand Rapids to learn more about our headstones for sale. We’ll be able to help you through the process so you can create a headstone worthy of carrying your loved one’s legacy. Our team is dedicated to helping your family pick the perfect cemetery monuments to honor loved ones. To learn more about our granite headstones for sale, call Black Monument at (616) 452-7802.

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