How to Choose between Cremation and Burial

How to Choose between Cremation and Burial

Whether you are pre-planning your cemetery memorial or making arrangements for a loved one who has passed away, you’ll need to choose between cremation and burial. While both have their pros and cons, your decision will have a lasting impact on how family members honor you or your loved one’s memory.

Continue reading to learn how to choose between cremation and burial. If you have any questions, Black Monument recommends reaching out to a cemetery memorial company near you.


You should choose cremation if you wish to have your ashes scattered in a location meaningful to you. However, cremation urns can also be displayed in people’s homes or stored in cremation niches. A cremation niche is a designated spot in a mausoleum that holds many urns. While choosing a funeral urn, you’ll need to make sure that it’s appropriate for the deceased’s final resting place.

Many of the customers we work with prefer the look of granite or marble urns because they suggest permanence. However, burial urns can be made of a variety of materials, as long as they are the right dimensions for urn vaults.

If you wish to divide the cremation ashes among several family members, you’ll want to ask about keepsake urns. For example, the children of the deceased may find comfort in being able to display a small urn in their home. The type of urn you pick should reflect the final wishes of your loved one because it will also determine their final resting place.


Many people wish to be buried so surviving family members can visit their final resting place. It’s also not uncommon for married couples to purchase adjacent cemetery plots so they can be buried side-by-side. Unlike cremation, bodies are kept intact for burial. You may also choose to have the body entombed in a mausoleum.

Another reason why people choose burial is because you have more options for cemetery memorials. For example, we offer upright headstones, monuments, and cemetery markers for gravesites. The type of memorial you choose will depend on the final wishes of the deceased, budget, and the cemetery where the body will be buried. For example, some places only allow flat cemetery markers while others permit headstones and monuments. If you wish to create a large cemetery monument (like an angel or obelisk), you’ll need to ask the cemetery ahead of time whether they will allow it.

If you are still unsure whether you should pick cremation or burial, we recommend asking other family members who were close with the deceased. While your loved one may not have written their final wishes down on paper, they may have mentioned them in passing. A memorial company will be able to show you urns or cemetery memorials appropriate for what you have in mind.

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