How to Order a Memorial in the Winter Months

How to Order a Memorial in the Winter Months

The holidays are meant to be a joyful time to be with family, celebrate traditions, and appreciate one another’s company. However, statistically, mortality rates tend to increase around the holidays—and no one is entirely certain why. If you have been faced with a sudden loss around Christmas, it may be a comfort to know that you are not alone.

Black Monument has been serving Grand Rapids and the West Michigan area since 1893. Our own family-owned business has seen many families through the hardest Christmases of their lives. We work alongside individuals, families, and other death care providers to assist with preparation, selection of the stone, and custom engraving to ensure that lasting legacies are preserved.

In Michigan, we’re accustomed to bone-chilling winters that seem to last exceeding long. However, this is a good time to a select a memorial. At Black Monument, we recommend placing your order in the winter months. Completion of a memorial is typically six to eight weeks for in stock granite markers. If a unique or highly customized monument is desired, it my take three to six months for completion, as granite is quarried and shipped from many countries around the world.

Michigan cemeteries do not pour or install cement foundations for memorials in the winter months. When the weather is conducive come spring time, the cemetery will complete foundations in the order they were received. At Black Monument, we send the foundation order to the cemetery when the order for the memorial is placed. So by selecting a memorial tribute in the winter months, placement of the completed monument is more likely by Mother’s Day, Memorial Day or Father’s Day.

Grief during the holidays is never easy, but fortunately, Black Monument’s long-standing history and reputation in the West Michigan area has enabled us to provide quality death care services for families for many winters.

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