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How We Make Cemetery Monuments

How We Make Cemetery Monuments

How We Make Cemetery Monuments

A cemetery monument captures the essence and life story of the decedent. To accomplish this goal, we work closely with you to select the best materials and designs for what you have in mind. We understand that it can be difficult picking out the right cemetery monument while grieving, which is why we encourage families to consider pre-need monuments. Continue reading to learn how cemetery monuments are made, from quarries to their final resting places.


Valuable stone (like granite) is removed from quarries around the world. We offer a variety of granite colors from black to earthy red to complement your design preferences. We use quality granite from quarries in the United States and Canada. Some of our granite also comes from Europe, Africa, and the Far East.

Unlike mining, quarrying doesn’t take place underground. Instead, people work inside a deep open pit to remove granite and other valuable materials. To cut the granite block from the bedrock, workers may use a pneumatic drill, controlled flame, or highly pressurized water.

Once the granite block is cut, the workers will set charges around the block so it can make a clean break with the quarry. From there, the block is secured with cables and lifted onto a flatbed truck for transport. Granite is sold to manufacturers who create cemetery monuments.


When you meet with us, be ready to describe how you want the monument to look. For example, many of our clients use crosses and other religious symbols to honor the life of the decedent. We are able to use your descriptions to create a design on our computer. We then send this custom design to the manufacturer where the cemetery monument will be made.

While monuments can share the same shapes as headstones, they can also be customized to be a statue that captures a person’s essence. For example, some gravesites are guarded by guardian angel statues. The type of cemetery monument you choose will depend on how you wish to honor your loved one’s memory. However, be sure you ask the cemetery if they have height restrictions. (We can also check for you.)


Once the manufacturer polishes and shapes the cemetery monument, it’ll be ready for engraving.  During this process, each granite slab is inspected for chips, scratches, and color inconsistencies. We’re able to provide quality monuments because the manufacturer removes any stones that don’t adhere to strict quality control standards. Once the monument is ready, it is shipped to us.

Installing at Cemetery

We are able to install the monument in the cemetery of your choice. However, we recommend you check with the cemetery before making a purchase. All cemeteries have regulations for what styles and sizes they allow for monuments. We understand that a monument can be a great way to honor a loved one’s personality. However, the cemetery may not approve a design that’s too tall or unique.

It’s important to be as specific as possible when describing your design to the cemetery so they won’t rescind their approval later when the monument looks nothing like what you described. Animals, angels, pyramids, and obelisks are all common choices for granite monuments. Our compassionate staff at Black Monument will be able to help you design a cemetery monument that’s meaningful to the decedent and your loved ones. If you have any questions about our cemetery markers, monuments, and headstones for sale, call (616) 452-7802.

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