Pre-Need vs. At-Need Cemetery Monuments

Pre-Need vs. At-Need Cemetery Monuments

Planning your cemetery monument is just as important as writing a will. In their time of grief, loved ones will have a hard time trying to think what cemetery monument will be right for capturing your life story in stone. Many of our customers choose to pre-arrange their cemetery monuments so surviving family members have less to worry about after their passing.

Preplanning your funeral doesn’t have to be morbid. In fact, most people experience peace of mind after making arrangements. It’s never too early (or late) to start planning your funeral, which includes pre-need cemetery monuments.

Pre-Need Monument

A pre-need monument is chosen while you are still alive. During your consultation with us, we’ll ask you what headstone designs you prefer so you can tell your story. Often people will choose flowers, trees, lighthouses, quotes, and religious symbols to engrave on their headstones. The symbols you choose for your upright headstone will depend on the type of life you lived and how you choose to be remembered.

The average cost of your funeral will depend on your region and the funeral home your family chooses. Buying a pre-need headstone, grave marker, or monument can help reduce the financial burden on your family so they have less stress during their time of grief. When you plan ahead, you’ll also have more time to compare prices and options. We are willing to work with you to find the right memorial for your budget and personal preferences.

Many people find peace through purchasing a pre-need monument. During the process, you’ll be able to research headstone designs or even get feedback from family members. You can even view the final product in the cemetery to get an idea of what family members will see when they visit your final resting place. We recommend pre-need monuments because they let you choose how you want loved ones to remember your legacy.

At-Need Monument

An at-need monument is chosen for a decedent by surviving family members. While family members often have good intentions, they can’t read your mind. If you want to make sure your headstone has a certain quote or design, we recommend getting a pre-need monument. We can help you find the right headstone designs to describe your legacy.

We recognize that buying a headstone, grave marker, or cemetery monument is as much an emotional decision as it is a financial one. Our compassionate staff will be able to work with you to find the perfect memorial to honor your loved one’s life.

The death of a family member can make it hard to think clearly, which is why we recommend taking the time to grieve properly before buying a monument. Too many monument dealers try to take advantage of grief by pressuring you to buy something the decedent wouldn’t have wanted. Our staff respects your decisions and will never pressure you to buy if you’re unsure. We believe that the best headstone designs are the result of careful consideration and planning.

If you are unable to buy your own memorial, we recommend leaving behind instructions for how you want your headstone to look. That way, your family will have a better idea of your final wishes.Black Monument in Grand Rapids is dedicated to helping families just like yours plan for the future. Pre-planning your cemetery monument is a great way to make sure loved ones honor your final wishes. To learn more about our pre-need cemetery monuments, call (616) 452-7802.

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