Pre-Planning Final Arrangements with Your Loved Ones During the Holidays

Pre-Planning Final Arrangements with Your Loved Ones During the Holidays

Pre-Planning Final Arrangements with Your Loved Ones During the Holidays

There are no certainties in life, but planning for the future is always a wise choice, particularly in relation to end-of-life concerns. Statistics currently show that while Americans overwhelmingly purchase life insurance and invest in retirement plans, we aren’t prioritizing funeral arrangements.

It’s important to share your desires for your final arrangements with your loved ones so they are aware of your preferences when the time comes. While the holidays might seem like a difficult time to discuss this sort of thing with your family, it is our sincere belief that eliminating the discomfort around discussing this subject is crucial.

Have the Conversation

We understand that every family is unique. Some find conversations around death quite natural and normal, while others can’t think of anything more anxiety-inducing—and both views are valid. However, we believe that sharing vulnerable conversation is just as valuable for families as making lasting memories.

Our own business is family-owned, with long-standing roots in the Grand Rapids area and hundreds of years of experience in eroding the stigma and shame surrounding mortality. If starting a dialogue about final arrangement planning is difficult in your family, we provide resources to help get you started.

Practical Details

As you gather with your family this holiday season, since your family is all gathered, this is an ideal time to discuss arrangements. As most people often have warm, sentimental, and nostalgic feelings during the holidays, children and grandchildren are likely to be receptive to your conversation. If you’ve been putting it off, now might be the time to bring your plans to the table and kickstart a conversation about your final arrangements. For families in the Grand Rapids area, Black Monument makes the practical details of selecting a monument hassle-free. Whether you are interested in purchasing a flat market or a more elaborate monument, our process is straightforward and simplistic. Contact us to today to learn more.

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