Loss of a loved one

Remembering Your Furry Friend

Remembering Your Furry Friend

Remembering Your Furry Friend

In trying times, animals become more important to us than ever. All across the United States, pet adoptions are on the rise as individuals and families cope with the loneliness and anxiety spurred on by the lengthy self-isolation efforts amid the COVID-19 outbreak. It is commendable that so many people are willing to adopt and foster dogs and cats during this time, especially since people working from home can exert more time and patience into training animals with anxiety or aggression issues.

Losing a Pet During Coronavirus

It is a positive thing that adoption rates are going up, but unfortunately, there is another side that is not being spoken of, perhaps because it makes people uncomfortable. Americans are also losing their beloved pets amid a global tragedy. When your furry friend becomes sick, and you have no choice but to say goodbye, trauma responses are normal. After all, we are not meant to do life alone.

If you have recently had to say goodbye to your best canine or feline friend, we can assist you in selecting a beautiful monument to memorialize their life. We do not believe that the Western tradition of censoring grief is beneficial psychologically and advocate for a death-positive approach that eliminates stigma and opens the door to difficult conversations. Clients are encouraged to express grief and not feel silly for requesting a memorial for a pet.

Pet Memorials Bring Peace of Mind

Every animal lover knows that unspoken truth: losing a pet is like losing a member of the family. Their lives are brief, but the joy they bring to us while they are here is invaluable. It is our sincere belief that every life, however short, deserves to be celebrated.

This is a widely shared conviction since the popularity of pet cremation and burial services is increasing. While Americans once held ourselves to a certain level of stoicism after the death of a pet, we are now embracing our grief and vocalizing it. Funeral homes and other workers in the end-of-life care industry are adapting to this change in values.  

If you have lost a pet during the pandemic, we understand that you are seeking peace of mind. Since 1893, our family has been rooted in West Michigan. We understand the importance of family and take pride in serving our local community. In accordance with the governor of Michigan’s stay-at-home order, our showroom remains closed, but we will continue to take orders for monuments—for pets and people.

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