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Spring Flowers for Your Loved One’s Memorial

Spring Flowers for Your Loved One’s Memorial

Spring Flowers for Your Loved One’s Memorial

In West Michigan, winter seems endless and there are few things that are quite as exciting as the first signs of spring. You may feel inspired to visit the cemetery more often in the nicer weather, when the grass isn’t muddy, the path is clear, and the frigid cold won’t turn your hands to ice after a short few minutes.

A Timeless Tradition

Visiting any of the beautiful, sprawling cemeteries in West Michigan may fill you with joy despite the somber setting. This is often due to the signs of life you see left behind on memorials: flowers gifted to the departed by those of us who wish to treasure and preserve their loved one’s memory.

One of our family’s favorite traditions for memorializing our loved ones is by leaving flowers by the stone, and this sentiment is shared by many of the families we have worked with through the years. It is not uncommon to see families leaving behind fresh spring flowers by a loved one’s monument.

Some will add flowers to a permanent accessory. In addition to distinctive memorials, we offer cement planters, granite and metal vases, as well as cemetery pails.

Traditionally, in the spring, flowers are placed by Mother’s Day or Memorial Day.

Symbolism and Beauty

In the mortuary industry, we understand the value and significance of flowers, which have been used as symbolic reminders of a person’s legacy for many centuries. In fact, we are acquainted with many florists in the Grand Rapids community and have learned a great deal about what certain spring flowers are best shared with your loved one.

Flowers are routinely featured in both weddings and funerals and have long been used to convey specific messages. Just as the engravings on monuments often speak symbolically of an individual’s personality, hobbies, and values during life, your choice of flowers can tell a story about your familial legacy. Some examples of spring flowers native to Michigan are the crocus, the daffodil, and the hyacinth. Since 1893, the Black family has been faithfully serving the Grand Rapids community through our small business. We pride ourselves on providing an important service and eliminating the taboo of talking about end-of-life matters.

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