The Beginner’s Guide to the Memorial Process

The Beginner’s Guide to the Memorial Process

The Beginner’s Guide to the Memorial Process

Grief is a deeply complicated and highly personal experience that never truly heals, but fortunately fades with time and, if necessary, professional counseling. The emotional and psychological turmoil one faces after a loss is only further magnified by the financial strain end-of-life arrangements place on a family.

One small way that Black Monument provides comfort to families during difficult seasons of their lives is through streamlining the memorial process. We have been operating in the Grand Rapids area for over 125 years, serving our community through several generations.

Simplifying the Process

After so many years, we have learned the most effective strategies in our industry and seek to provide straightforward guidance to each family. Our unique three-step process is intentionally simple and does not demand any taxing emotional or financial expense. Our monuments are affordable, easily customized, and handcrafted from materials made to withstand the frigid West Michigan winters.

Meeting You Where You Are

We do not believe in rushing the grieving process or catching you off guard when you are vulnerable. When you are ready, we will sit down with you and provide honest and sincere advice based on your budget, style preferences, and limitations.

Assisting with Practical Considerations

Did you know that every cemetery has its own by-laws? Such details may not be on your mind while dealing with your recent loss. Fortunately, Black Monument’s long working relationship with local cemeteries and funeral directors has provided us with all the knowledge you need to make the right choices.

Since our humble beginnings in 1893, we have been extending hospitality and service to families arranging for their loved ones’ end-of-life care—without judgment, greed, or confusion. We will walk you through the details, explain the process in simple language, and ensure you are adequately prepared to say goodbye.

Our showroom is open by appointment. Please call 616.452.7802 with any questions and/or to set up an appointed time.
One of our memorial specialists will meet with you and a maximum of two additional family members. Thank you.