Written in Stone: Customizing Memories on a Memorial

Written in Stone: Customizing Memories on a Memorial

Your loved one’s story is unique, and your memories associated with their life are precious and intimate. Our family-owned business is built on the foundational truth that to preserve the memories of a life well-lived is to ensure a long-lasting legacy.

Black Monument’s clientele comes from a wide range of backgrounds throughout West Michigan, and for generations, we have enabled families to find peace of mind after the loss of a loved one by providing highly personalized death care services.

The Value of a Custom Memorial

It is normal to desire closure following the loss of a loved one. One of the most common ways human beings have been doing so is through the marking of graves with headstones, now more commonly referred to as monuments or memorials. Long before Black Monument began serving Grand Rapids families in 1893, communities were honoring the departed with markers.

For many centuries, monuments have served a valuable purpose: to memorialize the lives of individuals, keeping their legacy alive and allowing their loved ones to pay tribute. Epitaphs and personalized engravings add a deeply sentimental touch to what would otherwise be a generic and impersonal monument.

Choosing a Memorial

The process of selecting a monument can be understandably intimidating, especially if your loved one did not prioritize end-of-life planning or discuss their desires for funeral care. You may be at a loss, wondering what your budget will allow for, what message or image to choose for engraving, or how large of a monument is necessary.

While Black Monument seeks to provide affordable death care services for all West Michigan families, we understand that the complexities of selecting, ordering, and purchasing the stone that best exemplifies your loved one’s memory are bound to be difficult to navigate without guidance.

At Black Monument, family values are honored more highly than anything else. We understand the profound significance of the service we provide. Our family will work alongside yours to help you select the design, material, style, and size of your loved one’s memorial. You can rest easy knowing that your treasured memories will be preserved for many years into the future.

Our showroom is open by appointment. Please call 616.452.7802 with any questions and/or to set up an appointed time.
One of our memorial specialists will meet with you and a maximum of two additional family members. Thank you.